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i LOVE your journal! how fun! i love the flaps made with business cards and tape! and the vintage photobooth photos in the glassine envelope! lovely. thanks for sharing! lovely writing, too! what kind of pen did you use?

Your journal looks beautiful, Hope. It was so fun to see you writing and adding to it during our 4 days together. Love it with the photos added!

hope, i love, love, love all the business cards. what a great little journal of what looks like an amazing mini break. sigh. i am envious in the very best way.

oh, and, do you take your journaling supplies with you or do you keep notes and then complete the pages at home?

Hi! I love your collage works and check your blog regularly. I love the idea of the card flapping so you can look at the back side! I will check your flicker set too.

This is so cute, you did an amazing job!


Loks like you girls had a wonderful time in Portland. I love that city!

Awesome little journal Hope!

And, congrats on your article in Artful Blogging!!! Yay!

I wanted to come here and thank you for the lovely sponsor gift that I received for Petticoats and Parasols in Savannah. Your silhouette post cards are too cute and thank you for being so generous!!!


this is an amazing book! i love pretty much everything about it.
and im jealous! hehe i want to go to portland soooo badly

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