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Dragonflies! I have them everywhere! I've loved them for at least 10 years, maybe more. For a long time I just thought they were pretty and fun to look at. Recently, though, I've been through some pretty significant life changes. After that, I started reading about what certain things mean. Symbology, I guess. (is that a word?) Dragonflies symbolize new life and growth which means alot to me right now.

i love this! i am going to try this assignment in my journal. ;) the first thing that came to mind for what i've loved over the years is any art by magritte, frida kahlo and nick bantock. i used to go to my favorite bookstore and collect postcards by these artists for inspiration. and for jewelry, i've always loved silver hopi jewelry!

Did you know that L Stoddart designed the packaging for crabtree and Evelyn gardening hand creams and wash? So beautiful!!!

Oh yes - I have quite the collection of her work. I have crabtree evelyn stickers, packaging, a garden planner book she illustrated. I really do not know what I will ever do with it all but I love it.
The thing is I do not like how it smells - I tried using the lotion for a while but it just was not growing on me!

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