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Lucious goodies!!:)

Gasp!!!!!! Oh I want. {I can barely speak}

Hide this. I'm coming for it.

I know envy is one of the 7 deadly sins, but that box is so worthy of envy!

It took a while to respond as I sat, mesmerized by the power of "the box" for several minutes

oh, hope! where did you find it?

what a find! are those RED paper eyelets??

you know i actually called avery/dennison and told them that they should bring back some of their vintage labels/ office-y stuff. { i was adamant that they even reproduce the old packaging} the customer service lady had no clue as to what i was referring to. sigh. double sigh.

that made my day! just beautiful & oh, what a find!


Oh my. I don't live too far away... May I borrow it for a few days? I promise to return it!

yay! i'm so excited to see you are offering another journaling e-course! :) and i have no words to describe the joy (and, ok, a little envy!) from that box of vintage office supplies! :) what a great find!

oh my... love love love....
what a TREASURE TROVE! good grief I would FAINT if I found this on one of my "junque shop" forays!

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