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I adore this kind of journaling so much! I feel very inspired by seeing your lovely pages!

You have inspired me to start a smaller and more 'written' journal than I normally keep. One question is: you mainly use black but what determines when you decide to use color in your lettering? And, do you go back and read or peruse your journals after you finish one?
Peace & Love,

Is this the only daily journal you will keep this year along with your travel journals or are you using another journal also.

Hello, I love the way you journal and was wondering if you will be having on line classes on how you do your style of journaling. Your page layouts are wonderful. Can you have more pages on and ideas on how you do your journaling?
Thank you so,

I don't know about the others but I love seeing the pictures of your agenda journal. You inspired me to do my own since i usually do a modified version in my daily planner. I like the inspiration. Keep it up!

Glad the stitches are out! :) Took a peek at the shop and loved what they had! I've got to sit down (probably today) and put together my Australia trip journal. I have a stack of ephemera and I think I'll puzzle piece it together, maybe paint over it, or gesso it, so I can write on top... Seems like a good thing to do while the superbowl is on!

Oh and my mum follows your blog so I got to find out about the class you are starting soon with the other 3 amazing artists. I'll be signing up for that!

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