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i've never been...knowing me, i'll probably be one of the last but it looks pretty amazing. i've missed you. hope everything is okay!

i love pinterest! i haven't been in a while, though...i spend a lot of time blog hopping and art making and taking online art classes, so i always mean to stop by and then i forget. ;)

Yes, I got my invitation and have signed up but haven't had time to go play yet.

So addicted!

Yes! I heart pinterest! So addicting. I followed your boards :)

Yes! Just got my invite...now to carve out a few minutes of free time... :)

It's the best tool ever! Off to look at your boards now :)

I just posted the same exact post today! how funny. i am indeed in love with it too!

Hi Hope,
pinterest has taken up all my blog time....I hardly ever visit blogs anymore! It's completely got me in it's grasp!

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