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I love twinkle lights for the holidays!

Watching the wonder and awe in the faces
of little ones.

As for the Live Love Lather products, I'm having a hard time deciding between the soaps and diffusers.... They would all make such wonderful gifts. The soaps, I think. Especially the Stacker bundle!

We just started doing this last year, but it's now tradition. My mom wasn't going to be able to work her shift at the local food bank, even though she was very needed for a holiday dinner, because we were having our family celebration that day. Me and my kids decided to push the our party to later in the evening and we all went to the food bank and helped her. It was a great time for all of us and the kids have asked to do it again this year.

I adore the dragonfly soap jar!

My favorite tradition is having a cookie baking day with my sisters. We eat a little(lot)too much sugar that day but we have a lot of fun!

The soap jars are definitely my favorite product. The jars lids are so beautiful, especially the antique flower one but they are all so pretty!

oh my. oh my. this is just gorgeous. what a generous giveaway. thanks hope!

oops, forgot my favorite tradition. So I hope you count this just once. My favorite holiday tradition is going to the late Christmas Eve service. We get done at midnight so it is Christmas Day. It's such a beautiful, quiet service.

On Christmas morning my mom used to make us a wonderful breakfast of waffles, strawberries, whipped cream from the can (so much fun for kids) and breakfast sausage. When my children were small, we usually were travelling to see relatives on Christmas morning, so it became our Christmas Eve Breakfast-for-dinner special meal before going to church for a candle light communion service. Lots of good memories all around!

The lavander lemongrass candles would be my first pick. I love the sleek look and the scent would be so yummy!

I love sleeping in with my hubby and two dogs!

Oh Sweet Gibblets! What an amazing giveaway!!!!

I'd have to say that my favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas cookies with my kids. This year my son will be here in time to do that with us. I'm VERY excited!!!

Hello! My favourite tradition is hanging the wreath on the front door on the very first day of December - a nice way to welcome the month filled with anticipation!

Don't you just love that Hugs and Kisses Soy Candle Set - perfect for Valentine's Day!

We like to serve brunch for Christmas when I meet with my family. And I love looking at the old photo slide with my husband's family on Christmas Eve.

The Antique Flower Soap jar is my favorite.

Bacon & cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning!

Lavender flowers soap ~ wonderful, I am sure

YUMMY! As a child, we went to my grandmother's every Christmas Eve. WE always had a signature dinner, then opened presents. Eventually, this was passed down to my mom, and we all headed to her house. This year, having moved miles aways, I hope to have my own Christmas Eve tradition.

We have a big breakfast and then open presents!! It might be different this year because my grandson is at our house, it my be presents then breakfast. Thanks for the giveaway. Di@cottage-wishes

I love the soap jars, how beautiful!! di@cottage-wishes

My favorite tradition as a child was to set up the nativity set. I loved placing all the figures in just the right place, then later would move them around to make it seem more alive. I still put up a nativity even though I don't really do the tree and lights.
Thanks for beautiful giveaway and link to new site.

The dragonfly diffuser is my favorite item on the L3 site. Waiting to see what they offer in the jewelry category.

my favorite holiday tradition is decorating the tree and hanging the stockings and other decorations while we play christmas music. :)

wow, so many great products to choose from! i like the simplicity of the naked soap jar. i love those mini soaps--so adorable! :)

Impressive blog! -Arron

My favorite holiday tradition is re-watching and re-reading A Christmas Carol.

love to gather with family to make tamales (we only do this during the holidays because its so time consuming)and keep my parents recipes and traditions going for future generations.

so many choices - i think my fave would be a cameo soap jar full of lavendar with flowers and orange cinnamon with olive soaps.

Filled stockings for all ages on Christmas morning!

Opening presents at midnight ( Christmas Day).

Cameo and Antique Flower Reed Diffuser are my picks.

Wonderful prize. Our family Christmas tradition is the women in the family cooking dinner the night before in to the wee hours of the morning.

This http://www.livelovelather.net/item_9/Soap-Stack.htm would be my favorite item in the shop. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

My favorite holiday tradition was finding ornaments for my kids each year and personalizing them with their names and the year. When they both got engaged I gave them their ornaments to start their own Christmas ornament collection for when they got married.

Favorite product is the beautiful dragonfly soap jar which I'd love to fill with anything lavender scented!

I love decorating the Christmas tree!

My favorite tradition is baking cookies and yummy cakes with my Mum.

My favorite product is Monogram Soap Jar. It's nice but I would like to try Antique Flower Handmade Soap Jars. (and give some to my Mum. She loves the smell.)

Our favorite tradition is Christmas Day dinner with wonderful ham and Mint Dazzler for dessert! Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Merry Christmas!!!

My favorite tradition is the Christmas quiz my kids take on Christmas Eve. Its all about family and it is timed and whoever gets the most questions right wins $20, 2nd place $10 and third $0. Unfortunately the quiz did not take place this Christmas Eve because my oldest son will be coming home in Jan. from Afghanistan so we put it off until we have his Christmas!!

My favorite Christmas tradition is munching our family's favorite food, nuts and bolts . We only get it once a year, so it is a wonderful treat!
The soap jar is gorgeous!

My favorite Holiday tradition is Christmas Eve at my mother-in-law's home. At some point in the evening she will ask some of the "adults" to cause a "kerfuffle" to draw attention while she acts as Santa and leaves a "toy" for the youngest....who might well be 30! We once again have true little ones attending the party, but in the many years between her grandchildren growing up and they producing great grandchildren, she used who was available to keep tradition alive. Oh, and the obligatory pink salad she always serves (which I can't eat as it is full of cream and I'm lactose intolerant!).

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