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Hey, I haven't done today's yet, but just wanted to share that I answered Day 1 and ... remembered today the REALLY COOL thing I tried for the first time in 2012. So I think I'll be papering over Day 1 and doing a take 2!

Hope - I can't thank you enough for sharing this with your readers. My sister and I are following along and keeping up each night with our new pages. Having so much fun reflecting on this past year. Thank you!

Hope - Thank you so much for providing these prompts each day, as well as sharing your pages. My sister (and best friend in the world) and I have been participating in this together, and it's been an inspiring, heart-filled process thus far. Warmth and peace to you....

Hope - will you be posting the prompts today? We are now all three days behind. Thanks.

They will be posted tonight. I ran into technically difficulties while traveling!
So sorry!!

{sent from my iphone - please forgive brevity}

Thank you so much! Can you tell how excited we are? Safe travels.

Prompts are up!
So sorry - they will be daily for the rest of the month!!

Where did you get the rings from to make this? I love it :)

I used 7 gypsies large binder rings - like these:

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