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OH MY GOODNESS! Hope, how do you do it? You are amazing with your journal pages. I love (LOVE) your magnetic attraction pages and oh, I love them all. I should just get off the computer and into my journal! You are very inspiring.

Wonderful pages, Hope! They are inspiring... :)

I think your journal pages are wonderful! I feel like you should send a link to your blog to old Somerset publication. These pages are really too fab not to share with their readers. I truly mean that too. Cross my heart.

Truly amazing, Hope.
The furbaby likes it too.

Thanks Hope for all the info on your journal pages - they're really neat...I think I'm going to join Teresa McFayden's class - for inspiration to start filling in the pages of my journal...I've only done the front & back of the journal & that I finish over a month ago LOL...have a honey of a night sweet dreams! Marlene :O)

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