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gorgeous!!! i actually see a lot of great things happening in oregon when i am blog hopping...i kinda want to move there too sometimes!!!

Why do the funest shops always seem not to be in one's own back yard?
This one is a treasure.

Hope-I visited Ink + Peat the last time I was in Portland and the shop is GORGEOUS! I shyly asked to take photos (my first time asking with blogging in mind) and the owner, Pam, was so kind and open to me doing that.

Her latest blog photos have me wanting to open a shop. It is a beautiful display of minute and whimsical details.

I still think about the chandelier they had.

{...and I am ALWAYS thinking about moving to Portland, where I WOULD open a shop...I adore Portland)


I would love to go to Porland some day---I heard it is a great place. What a gorgeous shop!

Please move to Portland. :-)

Lovely! It reminds me a shop or an article that I might have read about in Victoria Magazine.

the other afternoon, ana and I browsed this site together after you had sent over the link. We were totally absorbed in all of the lovely photos... very inspiring!

Oh my goodness...can I come too? The shop looks fabulous. I have never been to Portland but, as Lori mentioned it seems to be a real hotspot for beautiful talent. Just amazing.

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