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I knew it was Pottery Barn! I just got my catalog in the mail today!! Aren't those great! I can think of many goodies to display inside those! Yes, I DO say you need 2! (More room for more treasures)

those are amazing...my hubby doesn't even bring the pottery barn catalog into the house anymore...so i missed those...

oh, I have to have these too! Thanks for the heads up, Hope!!!

How cool is that shelf? Hmmm...I am planning a shopping trip soon. What will you put in your cubbies?

I saw those in the new catalog yesterday and 2 of them are on my wish list too. I absolutely must have them for my studio and I'm thinking very soon!

ooh i wish i lived in a country with pottery barn - i would SO buy one of those - or 2 who knows??? fabby. have a great day xxx

Hey Hope....We have a Pottery Barn Outlet. They get everything! Next time you visit, we'll make a stop.

Oh I love that too! I want one. What a great inspiration board this would make. Thanks for sharing,

LOVE IT!!!! See you in less than 48 hours!!!
Getting ready for you here. I cannot wait:)
Checking the estate sale ads for the weekend now.

I just knew it would be Pottery Barn! Isn't it amazing how you can always tell it's PB?! Really cute shelving - we all need at least one of 'em.
Jane - Jacksonville

p.s. Have fun with ArtsyMama!

Oh I want one of these...and I'm supposed to hate Pottery Barn!

OMG!!! That is too funny!!! I just got the most recent PB catalog and I bookmarked that exact thing. I love it and the price is surely good too!!

Yes...saw that in the catalog just today!!!!!! They are to be desired!!!! I agree.

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