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I love the feet journal spread! I've traced my hands in my journal but I've never thought to do my feet... thanks for the inspiration!

Hi Hope,
I love that you are serving cupcakes, champagne, and punch at your wedding! And, as Shelley said, I have traced my hands (and my husband's hands and my son's hands) in my journal but never my feet. I sense a new trend. I cannot wait to hear about your firestarter session...do share what you can.

Hope! I've been catching up on your blog (long overdue!) and I'm just loving every bit. I have been scrolling through all this gorgeous journaling you've been doing and ......A WEDDING?!?!?!?!?! Congratulations my friend! I wish you so much happiness!!

Hope, your pages just keep getting better and better! Thanks so much for sharing them all with us. Have a great time with Kari.

Your feet are so cute- love this idea and love how you have drawn them- Have fun!


Love the feet spread, with and without. And your colors this week are so much fun -- looks like you're happy! :)

sooooo cool. fresh. funky. beautiful! LOVE!

I love your journal pages. How long does it take you to make those?

Your art journal looks so great...I'm just getting into that more. Great incorporation of the feet theme!

Love the feet Hope! Say hi to Minnesota for me, love it there! Hurry home---I'll miss you!

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