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Well said, well said, well said! And in addition, you meet wonderful, generous, thoughtful folks like you, my dear Hope, who go out of their way to help, to support, to offer advice. It has been an incredible experience, and we are almost done. But really only beginning. :)

Thanks for this, Hope. Now I will definitely sign up for the January course.

thanks Hope. I just signed up for the emails!
xo natalea

Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle's :-) This course sounds fascinating, thanks for the recommendation! And I am _loving_ your work, can't wait to see what you produce for LSNED. See you in class! ;-)

I love your mosiac, Hope. Beautiful!!
What a whirlwind summer you had. So fun!
Seems like so long ago already when you were here:(
Miss you

OH! This sounds like oodles of fun, and I can just see you getting right into it!!

HEY! The BIG DAY is just around the corner.....


xoxoxox ~hopefully next year you'll be able to come back to Maine for a visit! Miss you girl!

ooooooo.......LOOOOOVE your journal!

Thanks for sharing your journey here! I am so glad I got in this morning! Can't wait to participate.

Dear Auntie Hope and Cousin Tuala,
I want to thank you soooooo much for my new "baby" toy! I am currently running through the house with it in my mouth and making sure that the sqeaky is loud and clear for all to hear! Mommy is typing this as I dictate. I hope to be typing my own letters soon, but for now I am content chasing Weezie and Bella, peeing on the floor and chewing sticks.

I hope I don't have to share this toy with cousin Leo this weekend, I will have to ask Mommy to buy him his own toys!

I will send you a new photo of me soon to hang on Tuala's bedroom wall. I want to be penpals with Tuala! I love her.

THANKYOU again Auntie Hope! You are THE BEST AUNTIE EVAH!!!!

Love, Abigail Berry xoxoxox

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