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I think I will be ordering it to go along with my reorder...

Have a lovely day!

Love the flat brim of that hat and the bird. Very whimsical--perfecto!
Carol R

Love the mushroom. Very sweet, Hope!

I think you have another "winner" here, Hope- It is darling- I just love it!! -looks just like your style.

Love it! You have a very distinctive style- it's kind of whimsical, but not lightweight- does that make sense?

she is way tooo adorable & the little bird too...and I love the mushroom too...heck I love the whole darn card...thanks for sharing Hope...have a honey of a night! grace peace & joy 2 U, Marlene

it's perfect. the little bird is just excellent.

So cute, I'll have to order soon!

How cute is that!!!!! I love it.

I have had so many compliments on the calling card
you designed for me.


You know I love this one, Hope. Absolutely wonderful!!!

she really looks like she is pondering a thought! so sweet! I have the one you gave me hanging on the wall in my art room!

Oh Hope, I absolutely adore this!!

I love mushrooms---so you know I love this!
xo Kelli

I like it Hope. It has a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland feel. Maybe it's the big toadstool. Great new card.

I love it!

Lovely! I have a huge desire to send one of those to someone who needs a lift in their life!

and sign you up for the team. We won't take no

the only time Laurie and Evans fought

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