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I love your lettering! You definitely have a well-developed style, and I envy that. I haven't been able to nail my own down yet.

Hi Hope,
I was about a heartbeat away from enrolling in the unravelling course, too but, for whatever reason, I didn't do it. Now I wish I had. Maybe next time? I love your Moleskine. What a great idea. All you need is your book and a black pen and you are good to go. I might just have to copy you. Are you really a Jane Austen addict? Me too. What is your favourite?

I love seeing what you do every week Hope. It is even better seeing it in person. I'm envious of your lettering. Maybe I should start practicing too.

I like the little square look in the journal. Several pages of orderly containment show a contrast.

We are having fun, fun, fun......rummage sales, thrift stores, sewing on swaps, playing on Facebook FarmVille.

The squares are such a pretty look! I like that idea.

just found your blog and I'm in love!! This makes me want to go back to my sketch book and pencils.. so bad! I'm not so good with journaling.. maybe I should try it again and again .. its kinda relaxing to do some kind of journaling.. for me .. its blogging.. well..it is a type of journaling isnt? ..

Love your bLog! and your Shop!

these are so fabulous!
i also did just discover your blog & site & i'm so inspired!

have a wonderful weekend!

I love it! I also love that you saved that piece from SO LONG ago...and you're right...it was always there...you just had to bring it to the surface!

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