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Wow, your creativity is never ending! I have really enjoyed all the journal posts. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing your work.

love your paris journals, hope...i am going to be envious when you are roaming about paris and filling your wee book. thanks for sharing.

That book is amazing! Such a smart, creative, beautiful idea and outcome. I'm so glad you shared this. (and what kind of printer do you use?)

Wow is right!! You make this stuff look so easy :)

I LOVE this, what a great journal you've made. And what fun you will have filling it up. Thanks for sharing your photos and the process.


This looks wonderful-I love all the details!


These are really gorgeous travel journals Hope. They look as worn and aged as the originals. Beautiful work!

Truly amazing!

Hope, what a lovely idea. It will be so fun to document your trip with your niece. I'm blown away by your creativity!

Absolutely gorgeous Hope!! I L-O-V-E your journaling style!! I know you're busy with the wedding!! Take care and my very best wishes, Dahlink!



What a lovely idea.. You really do have such an amazing talent when it comes to journaling.. I really do love your style.. Hope all is well..

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