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i love this layout, hope! i am going to need to go through the spreads i have made to discover what things i use over and over again. i love fine point black pens and my trusty uhu glue stick for sure.

I love these peaks into your supplies and staples!!

I wrote a post about this a couple of days ago (http://craftyweasel.com/blog/2010/07/06/art-journal-visual-vocabulary/) after reading a post on another blog that put me on that train of thought. I wish I had thought to present it as beautifully as you have. This is truly gorgeous in it's own right.

Thanks so much for sharing.

I love how you can make a supply page look so beautiful!

Do you mind if I ask what you use to write/shade with? I love my Moleskine but sometimes the shadowing on back pages drives me nuts! :)

Thanks for sharing.

Great list. I'm working in three different journals right now. I love using masking tape, acrylic paints, different types of paper and embelishments, many different pens. I collect a lot of things to use in future journals too.

Very cool, thanks for sharing your faves!

I LOVE this!!!!!! You inspire me so much:)

What fun this layout is!


Oh thanks for sharing your supplies- and sources- I love the patterned tape but didn't know where to get since Andrea doesn't sell it anymore- and I didn't know Sizzix made a crest & banner die cut- adding that to my "things to look for" list.

He he he...very cute idea for a layout. One of my latest journaling staples...staples! :-) The mini "tot" ones are my preferences. In addition to the Japanese washi tape (did you know I have amassed quite a collection since you were in PDX?), I like to use masking tape. For taping down stuff and then writing on it.

Miss you!

Oh, Hope,
I got your package and you were so sweet to send some of your special vintage stickers. It all looks so wonderful but I am not allowing myself to look until I get your package completed. It is the best motivation!

Oh! Thank you for sharing all this. And just love how fun you made your page. ;) I'm still trying out new way to write, and know it'll take awhile before I get halfway as good as you!

Just ordered me some pretty tape from, well, Pretty Tape! Thanks for posting that link. I needed something to make me feel better today. :D

i am a boring journaler- just a colored pen. i want to try to do something like what you do so i so appeciate your post about supplies that you love and use. i love that pretty tape!!!

i LOVE your work and have been inspired to start an art journal of my own. just bought a fresh new journal today! thanks for sharing your work. i look forward to seeing more :)

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