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Awesome journal and trip!

lovely journal!! what a memorable trip. :)

I love how it turned out! It's fabulous!

What a great journal! Love it!

I love your journal. It's great. Can I ask what you printed the front and back cover on to make it so thick?

A wonderful journal. Great memories for you - thank you for sharing.

You are such an inspiration to me. Just love the way you put together your journals.

fabulous, as usual :-)

Beautiful~You do the most amazing journals!

Great Journal!! I enjoyed following your process. So... the Instagram photos are taken with an iPhone? How do you print them out? I'm very new to this but I really like the look of the photos in your Instagrid folder.
Thanks for sharing, Emie

What a fun journal! Thanks for sharing it!

What a great mini. So, colorful and creative, you rock.

Hi Emie,

Yes, the instaram photos are taken with an iPhone (see more about the app here:http://instagr.am/)
Then Kari printed them on 4x6 photo paper and I trimmed them now to size.


Hi Sandy,

The covers were printed professionally on photo paper then adhered to something thicker (in this case single weight matte board, but cardboard, bookboard, or heavy cardstock would also work). I put kraft paper on the back sides of both covers, and then I cut the square out of the center. I lined the edges (of the entire cover and the hole).


Loved that you shared your entire journal, thank you! Where do you find single matte boards, at a craft store?

I love your journal! While looking at the photos, I realized that I saw you around at the Creative Connections Event. I don't think I ever talked to you. I wish I had realized you were "Besottment". I think everyone who had a blog should have been required to have their blog name on their name tags. I met several bloggers who I wouldn't have recognized if we hadn't started talking to each other. Anyway, glad to see you had as much fun as I did!

Hi Jesa,

Yes, matte board is just what is used to make mattes for photo frames, and some places will print the photos and attach them for you.

Hope, this book is so so so yummy! I want to see it in person and pour over every little scrumptious detail! And your trip just looks magical! Looking forward to the next time I get to hug you! xo

Awesome journal Hope! I think I'll use this as a model for my Journalfest journal. I love that is so easy to work in and add items to - so nice for traveling.

Looks like you had a great time while in Minnesota! I so regret not doing Junk Bonanza but I'll definitely be there next year so maybe we'll see each other again!

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